Megan Alexandra, is a holistic health practitioner, licensed esthetician, herbalist, aromatherapist & botanical alchemist, shaman, and spiritual healer. She uses her magic touch to help guide you to awaken your pure, raw, wild essence, open the lense of your heart to see your true inner beauty, feel your connection to the earth, hear the messages needed to guide you on the path of your soul’s purpose, and to retreave the parts of your soul that might have been forgotten. She is dedicated to helping people to feel healthy and beautiful inside and out. Megan believes our bodies give us all of the messages needed to heal ourselves, and she can show people how to listen to and understand those messages. Whether someone's struggling with physical ailments, emotional traumas, or simply wants to look and feel beautiful, she delivers the solution they are looking for.

 Megan experienced illness and disease at a young age, causing chronic pain, threat to her female organs, and the stripping of joy and nectar of life she knew to exist. This  experience propelled her on a deep journey of healing and discovery of the true medicine within. Determined to heal herself, her spirit guided her as she ventured on the quest of soul retrieval and dove deep into shamanic studies and healing. She was able to heal herself of two " incurable" diseases, unraveling her wounds, and uncovering  the most nurturing and  unconditional love within herself. She was able to find beauty in her pain and light within her darkness, and realized the deeper purpose of her experiences through illness and disease. She transformed from the wounded, to the wounded healer, to the healed. After studying and training with the Four Winds Society Light Body School Of Shamanic Energy Medicine, The Transformational Arts College of Spiritual & Holistic Training in Toronto, Canada, native elders teaching the ancient ways, and the Q'ero nation- the last of the Inka shamans that exist in the Andean mountains of Peru-receiving her Munay Ki rites of passage; The nine great rites of initiation of the medicine way, she felt she was ready to share the medicine path and help others learn the tools within themselves to truly heal. 

She is highly trained in advanced energy medicine and spiritual healing modalities such as;  reiki, shamanic energy medicine, medical intuition, sound healing with sacred sound resonance, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, energy transfer, aura cleansing, guided imagery meditation, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, subtle aromatherapy & emotional release techniques, and intuitive readings and guidance with animal medicine.

She is clair-sensient which means that everything comes to her intuitively through sensation and then becomes a visual or message. As a medical intuit, she is able to understand energy anatomy; what is happening in the body at an energetic and emotional level in correspondence with our physical anatomy, vital organs, and bodily systems. She works on being able to decode  any ailment, illness,  or emotional issue and find the symbolism of the wounds behind the issues. By peeling back those layers and assessing the deeply seeded issues and underlying symbolism, she is able to help her clients release them energetically  and remove the blockages in their energy field,  in order to shift the physical manifestations at a cellular level. As a result, clients are able to live a more joyful, harmonious, pain-free, and healthy life. 

Megan has serviced  A-list clients for the Grammy's Emmy's, and Golden Globes, along with many high end fashion events with her beauty services. She has serviced stars such as Paris Hilton, Zooey Deschanel, Eliza Dushku, Jennifer Coolidge, Nia Long, and many more! Megan has performed her expertise for 10 years specializing in organic beauty, skin care and detox remedies for the skin, body, and spirit. She uses the philosophy that our skin is our largest organ of  the human body, and therefore needs to be treated as purely as possible. With her deep passion for products that are rooted and born from Mother Earth, Megan believes she can create dazzling results, while treating the body as a temple. Megan's mission is to create a truly unique, sacred, beautifying, healing, and transformative experience inside and out. By doing so, she will be helping people to feel amazing, beautiful, and empowered, while teaching and guiding  the way of the medicine path, to walk in beauty, awaken our spirits' true calling, remember what we have forgotten, and be of service to ourselves, others, and our great Earth mother, to help create a sustainable & thriving future on this planet. 

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