Ancestral Love: Grounding Heart Tonic

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Ancestral Love: Grounding Heart Tonic


Ancestral Love: Grounding Heart Tonic

Calls In The Ancestors

Connects You To All Of Your Relations

Opens A Gateway To The Heart

Heals The Heart & Opens It To Full Expansion & Expression Of Love

Awakens Your True Potential

Activates All Parts Of Yourself To Become Fully Present

Grounds You Into The Knowing That Earth Is A Safe Place To Be

Teaches You To Walk In Beauty

Allows You To Soften Into Grace & Execute Your Visions With Power & Precision

Holds You In The Remembrance That You Are Never Alone

Connects You To The Eternal Beat Of Mother Earth’s Heart Drum

Ingredients: Fresh Infusion of lavender flowers, spring water, organic witch hazel, organic essential oils of rose, lavender, & vetiver.

Directions: Spray this ancestral flower tonic on your skin & temple & mist all around your aura, allowing the lens of your heart to open, so that you may freely & easily give & receive love, & deepen your roots of sacred connection, as you gently walk upon the earth in beauty.

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