Moon Petal: Ancient Lotus Flower Tonic

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Moon Petal: Ancient Lotus Flower Tonic


Moon petal : 

Ancient Lotus Flower Tonic 

Ancient Aphrodisiac Alchemical Activation

Creates Calming Euphoria 

Cooling To The Nervous System 

Relaxing To The Whole Body 

Provokes Deep Meditation 

Enhances Third Eye Function & Connection To The Divine 

Transmutes & Transforms Fear Into Love & Forgiveness 

Leads To Increased States Of Cosmic Connection & Ultimate Soul Growth 

Infuses Jing ( Vital essence) & Chi ( Life force )

Releases Blockages & Clears Negative Thought Forms & Energy 

Re-establishes Rhythm For Divine Compassion To Flow Through For Healing 

A heavenly scented blend of night blooming flowers & aphrodisiac aromas, awakening sensuality, life force energy, ancient wisdom, & forgiveness within. 

Ingredients: Fresh Infusion of Ethically harvested Blue Lotus flowers (Nymphaea caerula), spring water, organic witch hazel, organic essential oils of night blooming jasmine, rose, sandalwood, amber, & vetiver. 

Directions: Spray this supremely rejuvenating ancient moon powered tonic on your skin & temple and mist all around your aura, allowing your inner being to bloom. 

Made with the energetics of the moonlight 

It’s flower magic contains each thread. All is connected. 

The effects of the Blue Lotus, or Blue Waterlily are euphoric, while cooling down the nervous system and relaxing the whole body.

This is why it’s associated as supreme rejuvenative tonic within ancient Egyptian pharmacology, as its natural intelligence seems to work in accordance to what’s needed.

This ancestral flower known to provoke deep meditation, enhance third eye function and connect to the divine. 

With calming euphoria often comes insight—which is why the ancients prized Blue Lotus effects. It was believed that use would easily release fear and lead to increased states of cosmic connection and ultimate soul growth.

 This elixir is for infusing Jing (vital essence) -Chi (life force) while clearing and energizing the Divine healing realm of the subtle intuitive energy body. Clearing blocking thoughtforms and energy from the Radiant Heart channel of the intuitive energy body wave pattern of this powerful multidimensional energy field.

This elixir re-establishes rhythm for Divine compassion to flow through for healing. 

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