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Rose + Cacao Ceremony Mazunte, Oaxaca Mexico

Sisters, grandmothers, mothers, daughters of mama Gaia, I welcome you to join together and walk together in beauty, grace, strength, and unconditional love and merge our potent and powerful intentions; offering ourselves, each other, and the entire planet a seed of opportunity to find the tools within us to heal and transform.  Our collaborative efforts brew deep wisdom and magic and strengthen the fabric of the universe. May we continue to shed old skins and release all the pains and traumas of this world and of our ancestors, to rise up with seeds of hope, healing, and unconditional love in our hearts. We nurture, honor, and take care of the sacred waters within us so that we can keep being of service to our great earth mother and stay open to receive the messages of the great spirits. We give back to pachamama and send our prayers out as a powerful unit and collective sisterhood, leaving  our imprints on this earthly plane and seeds to germinate and blossom into love, light, and transcendence. 

Honored to guide this  rose + cacao ceremony here in Mazunte.  Let's embark on a journey of guided meditations, sound alchemy, water blessings and prayers, medicine songs, rose infused cacao medicine, womb healing, herbs + magic, hummingbird medicine, story telling, and sisterhood. 

We clear and activate new doorways and we are open, ready, and allowing. We savor the nectar and joy of life deep within our hearts and merge our cycles with the cycles of the earth so that we may feel the rhythm once again and re-remember why we are here. We dig deep within our bones to find the wisdom and connect to those to came before us, so that we may weave the truth into this reality and dream of a world full of love, purpose, and peace. The true remedy and healing is within.