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Sharing Sacred Rituals

  • 1330 Plum Street San Diego, CA, 92106 United States (map)

Sharing Sacred Rituals:

An Intimate Shamanic Experience

Life is about living the journey, walking the path of the Unknown Mystery, bridging this moment to the next through abundantly aligned action interwoven with integrated intuition. Join us this Wednesday evening May 29th, as we embark on a sensual experiential voyage together, celebrating that which is SACRED, that which is SHARED.

An evening of sacred rituals, exploring the sensual realms including:
+Delicious Food
+Intimate Connecting
+Shamanic Journey Meditation
+Sacred Cacao Ceremony
+Fire Ceremony
+Ecstatic Dancing

Our harmonious quadrant of potently activated humans, Devin Fredericksen & Megan Schaeffer & Felipe Fasano & Bojan Urbančič, will guide the experience to weave inspiration, remembrance, and reverence into all the rituals we engage during the night. We are passionate about honoring our sensual nature, which is why we will explore all of our senses this evening. Through these mediums of taste, touch, sight, sound, smell, and spirit, we will celebrate our human experience.

First we will break bread together, gathering around a sacred resource that has united humanity, community, and all our relations for as long as we know and beyond. Devin and Felipe will craft a heart-fully animated and locally sourced meal with the intention to excite a sensual awakening within all of your being. Through the ecstatic connection of brotherhood and mutual love for food, Devin and Felipe co-create a loving experience that endures long after ingesting this divine nourishment.

Once Spirit and form are blended together, we will launch into a shamanic meditation. Megan will lead the group as we dive into the energetic realms, guiding us safely to meet one of our animal spirit guides. With her transcendental conduction and palpably sweet presence, Megan shepherds a uniquely beautiful experience for people to ease-fully venture where they may have been afraid to ever go before.

After receiving divine physical nourishment and download cosmic reminders, we will turn our attention towards our emotional bodies. Bojan and Megan will co-create a sacred ritual of reverence and elation, presenting a Sacred cacao and rose medicine. This will synchronize together, flying on the wings of ancient rituals teasing open our hearts. Encouraging bursting heart-gasms and interconnected awareness, we will commune around the sacred fire in prayer. Authentically and intimately, we will peel back the masks of the daily grind and meet each other in the space of pure presence.

After we have toured our sacred vessels, we will venture back out into the external world where spirit and form gyrate. From that heart centered space, Bojan will guide everyone in intentional movement leading us to explore all the crevices of our existence. Sacred dance will usher us to the conclusion of the evening. Gathering in ritual as our ancestors have done for so long we remember the sacred gift of this life. As we walk each other home, we will converge to spread pollinated seeds of the heart back to our own special web of relations.

Evening Details:
4-5pm Arrive and Deep Dive, no surface connection here ;)
5pm Opening Sacred Space
515pm Introductions & Opening Circle
530pm Food Awakening
630pm Shamanic Meditation
715pm Cacao & Fire Ceremony
8pm Ecstatic Movement Exploration
930pm Closing Circle

Energetic Donation:
$66 early bird
$77 @ door

For any questions or inquiries, please contact Devin


To register for the event, please send the exchange to this paypal account:

We look forward to connecting with you and remembering how truly powerful gathering together in community engaging in sacred ritual is. We are the ancestors of tomorrow, today.

Come join us in sacred ritual, around the fire, celebrating this gift of life together.


Megan Schaeffer
Gitana : Holistic Beauty, Health & Healing
Instagram: @gitana_wildbeauty

Megan Alexandra is a holistic health practitioner, licensed esthetician, herbalist, aromatherapist & botanical alchemist, shaman, and spiritual healer. She uses her magic touch to help guide you to awaken your pure, raw, wild essence, open the lense of your heart to see your true inner beauty, feel your connection to the earth, hear the messages needed to guide you on the path of your soul’s purpose, and to retrieve the parts of your soul that might have been forgotten. She is dedicated to helping people to feel healthy and beautiful inside and out. Megan believes our bodies give us all of the messages needed to heal ourselves, and she can show people how to listen to and understand those messages. Whether someone's struggling with physical ailments, emotional traumas, or simply wants to look and feel beautiful, she delivers the solution they are looking for.

Megan's mission is to create a truly unique, sacred, beautifying, healing, and transformative experience inside and out. By doing so, she helps people to feel amazing, beautiful, and empowered, while teaching and guiding the way of the medicine path. She is here to inspire us all to walk in beauty, awaken our spirits' true calling, remember what we have forgotten, and be of service to ourselves, others, and our great Earth mother. In doing so, we get to help create a sustainable & thriving future on this planet

Devin Fredericksen
Instagram: @heartcenteredman

Devin Fredericksen was born and raised on Maui where he was constantly exposed to a myriad of cooking cuisines. From traditional Hawaiian to Filipino and Chinese to Scandinavian, he has maintained a vigorous affinity to search out and eat the best food around.

Devin chose to journey away from his native island, and as he ventured out in the world he discovered permaculture. His studies in permaculture highlighted the importance of community and culture. As time progressed, a common thread amongst all relations became apparent that Devin could no longer avoid. Thus, a bridge was born deep in his soul: a passion to grow, harvest, cook and eat nutrient rich, delicious food to share with all!

At the root of our societal challenges, he sees human dynamics to be the foremost difficult aspect that can jeopardize any scenario from ecovillages to corporate business to government. Using food as a vehicle of connection, Devin serves up conversations about building resilient relationships in our lives. Because food is so ubiquitous, this births the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of food: the soil, water, bacteria/microbiome, energy systems, networks, community and more.

The most simple preparations to the most intricate, extreme meals, Devin magically presents the food in creative, innovative ways that captivate the eating guest. Whatever your fancy and desire may be, Devin’s intention to harmoniously co-create the most epic, tantalizing experience fruitfully manifests into your wildest dreams.

In addition to cooking up orgasmic, life-altering meals, Devin offers his energy in regenerative agricultural consulting, men’s mentoring and empowerment, sacred sexuality, and wholistic body integration all from a heart-centered focal point

Bojan Urbančič
Instagram: @bojan_guerrero_resonante

Bojan was born in Bariloche, North Patagonia, Argentina. He was raised in the mountains and lakes with energy work being one of his medicines and the Andes being the playgrounds.

He's been traveling and connecting with cultures around the globe since a very young age. Training, learning, searching, practicing, teaching, developing, evolving and building, all with the intention of bridging with cultures through various languages, arts and rituals.

With a wonderer Spirit and a passionate heart he has connected with many teachers and arts. Enriching his life with tribe, connections, experiences, discipline, practices and wisdom.

He brings a solid presence that permeates the space with ceremonial energy. Welcoming ease, healing, expression, movement, sound and all our relations; creating the Sacred space for true connection with the highest frequency of Love.
Bridging us to the worlds of Prana and Energy through Breath, Sound, Song, Dance and Ritual.

Felipe Fasano
Instagram: @felipe-fasano

Felipe Fasano is a conscious food creator that specializes in organic plant based cuisine. He integrates his intuitive light healing abilities with his professional cooking skills to create delicious, healing and nourishing food s that energize the body, warm the heart, relax and activate the mind and uplift the spirit.