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After School Enrichment Workshop

Integrative, transformative, healing, and joyful, after school workshops, that connect children with themselves, each other, and Mother Earth. The goal of our weekly workshop is to help children acquire the tools necessary to develop a mindfulness and self love practice, while together creating a safe space to be able to look within and realize their own empowerment and potential.

These weekly workshops will include: guided meditation, teaching relaxation and breath-work, hand crafting products made from the earth, learning the basics of aromatherapy and therapeutic properties of essential oils and colors, ancient wellness practices, nature walks, earth mandalas, and a closing intention circle with journal writing and reflections. Each workshop will deeply connect these young students with themselves, each other, and nature.

Our workshop culminates with a group guided meditation for the students, their family and friends, followed by the students sharing their products, plant knowledge, creations, and new wellness practices. 

Taught by Megan Schaeffer, certified holistic health practitioner, organic beauty expert, shaman, and healer.