Oil 101

Oil as skincare craze has been on the radar for some time now, but most people are uninformed about the differences and benefits of the variety of oils available to us. As a holistic skin therapist and organic beauty expert, I base my philosophy on the belief that because the skin is our largest organ it should be treated as purely as possible. I am accustomed to the shock and awe on my clients’ faces when I recommend that they switch to a skin and beauty routine, centered around the use of different types of pure and simple oils. Most commonly, they have the misconception that it will clog their pores, cause breakouts, make their complexion greasy, and that it won’t moisturize as effectively as heavier lotions and creams.
Using the correct oils as part of your skincare regimen is a game changer for beauties of all skin types (even the most sensitive!) Of course, there are good oils and bad oils for your skin and health; I advise wholeheartedly that you stay far away from mineral oil! I don’t care what the label tells you about how “amazing” a product is, if mineral oil is listed as an ingredient, do not buy it. We have five layers of skin and the first three are dead; Mineral oil does nothing beneficial for your skin, as it just sits on the very top layer preventing water loss (it doesn’t penetrate any deeper). Mineral oil is filled with toxins; Do you know what you use to gas up your car? Petroleum, also known as mineral oil!
Only pure ingredients derived from nature will actually penetrate the skin and make a difference on cellular level- a little food for thought! When you know which oils to use, the improvement in your skin is nothing short of magical. The best part: Most oils have multiple uses- You can use them as a daily moisturizer, remedy for problematic/acne prone skin, anti-aging purposes, healing remedies (they are amazing for scars and wound-care ), detoxification, or for relaxation (pampering massage) just to name a few! There is an undeniable difference in my clients’ skin when they switch to these simple and pure products. Below I have listed a few of my absolute favorites along with their extraordinary health benefits so that you can choose which oil fits your needs the best. Did I mention you can find them at any health-food store? Enjoy and soak up the love:
Coconut oil:
Best for: Dehydrated/ dry skin or hair
Natural sun protection- SPF 4
“Natures chapstick”
Amazing hair treatment-stimulates hair growth and mends split ends
All over body lotion- skin food and ultimate hydration for dry or dehydrated skin
Eye makeup remover – even water-proof mascara!
Great for skin conditions such as; psoriasis
Natural lubricant ( great for those prone to yeast infections or bacterial infections- it’s highly soothing and anti-microbial /anti-bacterial 
Jojoba oil:
Best for: All skin types; even sensitive or problematic/acne prone skin
Mimics skins natural sebum ( oil)- absorbs beautifully and doesn’t stay greasy
Great pre-cleanse – unclogs pores and removes dirt and makeup (apply to skin with cotton pad, rinse and follow with your daily cleanser )
All over body lotion for sensitive skin
Deep conditioning treatment for hair
Calming after sun moisturizer/after shave
Beautiful carrier oil – add divine scents to it (any essential oil blends) 
Grape-seed oil:
Best for: Mature/aging, acne/ problematic, or red/inflamed skin types
Is so anti-aging that it protects from free radicals and cellular level damage
Skin and tissue repair
Mild astringent and natural antiseptic -amazing for acne or inflamed skin
Great source of essential fatty acids and vitamin E- terrific scar remedy !
Increases circulation – helps with spider veins & varicose veins
Anti inflammatory
Hemorrhoid remedy
If you suffer from couperose (dilated capillaries or blood vessels) add a little rose and neroli essential oils to the grape seed oil – magical!
Sesame oil:
Best for: Mature/ aging skin types, detoxification, or massage
Includes antioxidant called sesamol- helps with fine lines and wrinkles
Amazing for detoxification because some of your body’s toxins are soluble in oil and this oil will rid your body of toxins by trapping them! ( massage into your skin before your shower or bath every day)
Great for wounds and its antibacterial properties
Amazing for massage oil- stimulating and healing (especially Ayurvedic massage ) 
What is your favorite oil skincare remedy?